We are closed for the winter.  Please come back again in the spring to sign up for season 2021.


About our farm 農園について

We deliver fresh organic seasonal vegetables.  In addition to farm box home deliveries, we also wholesale our produce.  Please inquire for further details regarding wholesale.  We update farm box photos on our facebook page every Monday.  


We practice organic farming (no chemical pesticides or synthetic fertilizers) although we are not certified.  Please also note we use seeds that may have been treated with chemicals and some soil mix that contains chemical fertilizers.  

In order to grow healthy and tasty produce, we focus on building healthy soils by adding an appropriate amount of organic nutrients, adopting crop rotation, returning crop residues back into the soil and using (whenever possible) cover crops.  We use our home made plant based fertilizer (ingredients: indigenous microbes, rice bran, soybeans and wood ashes).


Shiga Kajiwara Farm is a small husband and wife team organic farm.  Our farm is located in the scenic mountainous area of Shinshu Matsumoto (formerly Shiga Village) of Nagano Prefecture.  We grow about 50 different varieties of vegetables from fresh greens in spring to hearty root crops in winter.  Our farm season is approximately 7 months.

新鮮な旬の無農薬で育てた野菜をお届けしています。個人向けの野菜の詰め合わせ宅配のほか、レストランなど業務用のお届けも承っております。詳細はお問い合わせください。宅配のお届け内容はお届け内容は、facebook にて毎週月曜日に更新しています。




夫婦二人で営む小さな農園です。美しい里山に囲まれた水の豊かな中山間地域である長野県松本市郊外の四賀地区(旧四賀村)で営んでおります。 お届けする野菜は春の瑞々しい葉野菜から冬のほっこり根菜まで年間約50種類、お届け期間は、冬期を除く約7ヶ月です。