If you are a large family or would like to eat LOTS of vegetables, you can sign up for multiple portion delivery and save a little.  Or by forming a group with your friends and neighbors, you can sign up for group delivery and save a little.  Please note the following:


1) To sign up as a group

Please have only ONE PERSON (the group host) sign up, not everyone in your group.  Please provide everyone's e-mail address in the notes section so we can bill you separately.  Match the "quantity" in the shopping cart with the number of people in your group.  If you are a 4 member group, choose quantity 4.


2) When signing up, you will notice there is no discount on our order form page.  We will refund any extra deposit payment via PayPal or deduct the amount from your first invoice.  We apologize for the inconvenience.  


3) If you order multiple-portion/group delivery, you will receive a multiple portion of every item in a single-portion box.  Each portion is bunched individually for easy distribution.  


4) The price per portion will change when there is a cancellation.  For example, if someone in a 4-portion delivery group cancels for 2 weeks, their account will become a 3 portion order for the 2 week so the price per portion increases from 2,500 yen to 2,650 yen.  




1) What will I receive in each box?

Each of the farm box contains between 8 to 10 different kinds of vegetables.  We will try to include in each box some leaf greens, root vegetables as well as fruit vegetables.  However, depending on the season, farm boxes will have more of a certain type of produce (spring boxes will have more leaf greens, summer boxes will have less leaf greens and many fruit vegetables, etc.) 


2) How big is one farm box?  Will it be enough or too much?

Whether it will be the right amount for you or not will largely depend on your eating style and your household size.  A single-portion farm box is typically enough for a small household (1-3 people) for one week.  If you find weekly delivery to be too much, you can always change to a less frequent delivery schedule.  We offer weekly,  every other week and once a month delivery.  Weekly farm box photo on our Facebook and Instagram is a single-portion size.


3) Do you sell fruit?

We do not sell fruit although we would love to grow organic fruit some day!  However, in the fall we usually include apples and Japanese nashi pears we purchase from our neighboring orchard.  They are not organic although the orchard has been reducing the amount of herbicide usage over the years.  We welcome extra orders.  


4) Do I get to choose what to receive?

No.  However, if there are any vegetables you do not wish to receive and any vegetables you do not mind receiving lots of instead, please let us know and we will try our best to accommodate your request.  You can change your preference any time.  


5) Will there be unfamiliar vegetables?  

Most likely yes.  In addition to the commonly used produce, we also include not so familiar vegetables so that our customers can explore new tastes.  Do not worry though - for unfamiliar vegetables we will explain what they are and how they may be used.  We would also love to hear about your new and favorite recipes!   




1) Can I stop or cancel delivery?

Yes.  Please send us an e-mail at least 2 days prior to the scheduled delivery date.  Alternatively, you can have someone else receive the shipment while you are away.  Please provide us with the person's name, address and phone number. 


2) Can I change the delivery time?

Yes. You can select from the following delivery time windows:

Before noon, 2-4pm, 4-6pm, 6-8pm, 7-9pm.  


PLEASE NOTE: Depending on where you live, the delivery company may not be able to deliver within the requested time window, especially if you live on a military base.  


3) Can I change the delivery schedule or day?

Yes, as long as we have room available and you e-mail us at least 2 days prior to the scheduled delivery date. 


4) I was/will not be home to receive my farm box. What do I do?

You can request a redelivery or time/day change by one of the following:


a) Call the delivery company's help desk at: 03-6757-1061 or 0120-17-9625.  They have English speaking operators.

b) make changes online:

A delivery notification will be e-mailed to you each time from the delivery company.  The delivery alert contains a 12- digit tracking number for the shipment, which will be necessary for arranging changes.  

c) e-mail us at




1) Do you deliver to military base addresses?

Yes we do.  However, depending on which military base, we may not be able to offer door to door delivery and/or delivery time.  Some military bases do not allow delivery trucks onto the base so you will need to receive your boxes at the main gate.  Also, even if they do allow delivery trucks onto the base, they usually allow access only once a day, usually in the morning, i.e. delivery in the late afternoon/evening is not possible.  As of December 2017:

Atsugi & Ikego: door to door delivery available, delivery time option not available - usually delivered before noon/early afternoon.

Yokosuka: door to door delivery available, delivery time option available except between 16-18 pm


2) Can you leave the box at the door when I am not available?

Depending on the type of your residence, they can.  Please select "Yes I allow delivery drop off at the door" when signing up.  You cannot select YES to delivery drop off and collect on delivery, as you need to pay in person.  


3) Can you deliver to office addresses?

Yes, we can, as long as the location is accessible by Kuroneko Yamato (Black Cat) delivery service. 




1) Can I pay cash?  

We offer Japanese yen collect on delivery arrangement.  Please note, however, you need to pay the delivery truck driver in person.  You cannot leave money at the door unattended for the driver to collect.  


2) How does payment by PayPal work?

PayPal is an online payment service.  We will e-mail you an invoice via PayPal at the end of each month.  This e-mail invoice will take you through the payment process.  Our PayPal arrangement is NOT automatic payment.   


3) How do I make a bank deposit?

If you do not have a Japanese bank account, or if you are not familiar with making bank transfers in Japan, please do not select bank deposit as your method of payment - it can be surprisingly expensive!