recipe ideas

Beets ビーツ


Beets are related to spinach and chard.  Both roots and greens can be used. 

Broccoli ブロッコリー

茎の部分もお使いいただけます。茎ブロッコリーは茎を生で食べることができますが、普通のブロッコリーの場合は、茎はやや硬いので加熱するのがおすすめです。You can use the stem but unlike the stem broccoli whose stem is edible raw, you may want to cook the stem part of the head broccoli since it could be a little hard.

Cabbage キャベツ

Celery セロリ


Daikon 大根

Daikon greens 葉大根

Not just the roots but the green tops of daikon radishes are edible.  Very similar to turnip greens, they are tender and have a mild flavor.  We grow a special variety that has been cultivated especially for the green tops.  大根の葉は小カブの葉のように柔らかで食べやすいです。通常の大根の葉ももちろん食べられますが、当農園では葉を食べるための専用品種を栽培しています。

Fennel フェンネル

Green beans さやいんげん


Japanese turnips 小かぶ

The sweet flavor becomes stronger when cooked although they can be used raw.  They are great in salads, pot-au-few and various soups including miso soup. You can slice them thick and enjoy grilled turnip steaks. The leaves and stalks can be used as greens, tasty cooked or raw.

Kale ケール


Kale is related to cabbage and can be used interchangeably in most dishes.  They go well with garlic and sesame oil.   

Kohlrabi コールラビ


Kohlrabi tastes similar to broccoli stems or turnips.  It can be steamed, stir-fried, baked or added to soups,or served raw.  Peel the outer tough skin.  Leaves can also be used as any other greens.



Komatsuna Greens 小松菜

Komatsuna greens can be used like spinach although komatsuna is slightly more bitter. Young tender leaves can be used raw in salads.

Lettuce レタス

サラダの他、お肉料理の下じきや炒めものでも美味しいです。In addition to using lettuce in salads, you can also cook them.  

Radish ラディッシュ

ラディッシュの葉も大根葉のように料理に使えます。You can use radish greens like you would use daikon leaves or other cooking greens.  

Swiss Chard スイスチャード

ほうれん草の仲間です。お浸しや、ソテー、サラダなどに。茎も食べられます。Swiss chard is related to spinach and can be used interchangeably.  It is good steamed, sauteed, raw in salads.  Stalks are edible too.